Monday, July 06, 2009

Critical moments in Carl Sandburg's youth

Making our fourth trip to Carl Sandburg's hometown, Galesburg Illinois, our production crew spent a few days shooting material for the film.

Click here is a nice write up with photos that appeared in the Galesburg newspaper

Sandburg worked hard as a boy. It was a different American that he grew up in, and yet driving the streets and farm roads around Galesburg you can sense some of the same things Sandburg must have felt. An urging. A desire in the eyes of the young folks there to jump a train and head east to Chicago or west to the huge unknown. When the time came Sandburg did both, but only after he had labored, read most every book he could get his hands on, played baseball, fell in love and learned what he needed to head out.

The critical moments in Sandburg's youth were many, but we re-created a few on the same streets and houses that Sandburg lived, and it felt 'real' it felt true.

The people and institutions of Galesburg (Knox College, The Sandburg Birthplace, Orpheum Theater just to name a few) have been great to us. The actors were wonderful, the costume and locations perfect. Thanks again for welcoming us and providing services and enthusiasm that is so important to making a film.

We are getting closer.

Filmmakers Evan Schafer, Neeley House and Paul Bonesteel at Sandburg's Birthplace in Galesburg Ill.


Guilherme said...

Hello Paul!

My name is Guilherme (William in postuguese language - I'm braziliam) and I am a enthusiast of Snadburg's poems.

I have been translated some poems os Carl Sandburg for my personal pleasure, and I'm very happy whit the production of this film.

I'm anxious to buy them in Amazon.Com



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