Monday, October 25, 2010

Sandburg and Nixon

The image is compelling. Carl Sandburg speaking to a joint session of US Congress in 1959 with Richard Nixon sitting behind him as Vice President. Sandburg reads;
"Men and women. This country has always had them in crisis. Men and women who understand that where ever there is freedom, there have been those who have fought, toiled and sacrificed for it."
Of course, Sandburg could not have known how Nixon would fail to be one of those defenders of freedom, and fall in disgrace. But what Sandburg did know was that he'd seen his type before. In his day and in the history of Lincoln. He could see the turmoil the nation was facing and that it was ripe with opportunity for leadership or failure.

I bring this kind of statement back to this blog discussion because our film, The Day Carl Sandburg Died is being made primarily to tell Sandburg's story, and to create the opportunity for people to think about Sandburg again. To think about his ideas and hear his poetry again. To try and remember the scope of his life and the huge impact he made on the 20th century.

We are finishing the film as I write this, finalizing permissions and countless other duties, but stay tuned. My blogging and my enthusiasm to share Sandburg with the world has never been stronger.

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