Saturday, January 29, 2011

"the man committed to total anarchy"

"Outstanding! Beautiful! You were able to pull the man committed to total anarchy into the man who was a poet, musician, and family man. I am so happy that you showed him to be a revolutionary." -John Steichen (Sandburg's grandson, pictured above)

As we await responses from twenty or so film festivals we've entered I've been getting very meaningful responses from people who have screened the film, including many of the participants and interviewees. Many of these people have lived inside the story, knowing Sandburg closely.

John Steichen described Helga, his mother and lone surviving daughter of Sandburg, as "delighted and totally captivated" by the film.

Norman Corwin, (pictured below having breakfast with Sandburg in the late '50's) declared; "You have done a noble service to the memory of Sandburg and to his of readers in the making of this film".

I have high expectations for the film, but none higher than to be true to the story, and comments like these help me to already consider it a success. Stay tuned for updates as we get news from some of the major festivals that will be announcing soon, and in addition we are working towards a number of events here in North Carolina, Illinois, New York and Nebraska.

PS: The film's trailer is coming soon!

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